Users and permissions

Ptengine Experience lets you to invite team members and clients to share the contents of your project. Invited users can be granted the ability to view or administer at the account .

Invite users to the project #

  • 1Click "Experience Settings"(gear mark) and navigate to the"Manage Members", click "Invite member".

  • 2Enter one email addresses and select the permissions for the project that you would like the user to have access to. Click "Invite", each invited user will receive an invitation to use the project.

    There are three types of account permissions: owner, administrator, and viewer.
    Owner:Who created the project and own it.
    Administrator:The user cannot delete a project, but user has same rights as the owner, and can also invite other members.
    Viewer:The user can only view all of the project, but will not have the ability to make any changes.

    Please refer to the following image of the invitation email.

  • 3Please follow the guide in the email to log in to Ptengine Experience after you receive the invitation email.
  • If the user is registered already, all they have to do is click the invitation link "Join us" which will direct them to a login page. By logging in, their credentials will be transferred to the project. If it is the first time the user is logging in to Ptengine and doesn't have a password, make sure to follow the verification steps noted in your automated welcome email.

    1.The invitation email invites expire after 28 hours from when it was sent.
    2.If for some reason the user didn’t receive an invitation email, we recommend checking the spam or junk mail folder.

Change user permissions #

It is possible to change user permissions who have already been invited. In "manege members" view, select the user whose permissions you want to change with dropdown box.

Delete user #

Click the user's trashcan mark who you want to delete.

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