What are conversions?

Conversion (CV) is a goal or action that you want your users to reach on your site. You can use Ptengine to track visitors landing on the target page or URL and the conversion is the specific action.
Some samples are the number of registrations, subscriptions, eBook downloads, purchases, etc.
Please read this to learn more about how-to set up of conversions. Conversion settings

In the data center, you can check the graph and display the, number of CVs, CV revenue, CV by source, organic search, keywords, CV campaign name, and campaign traffic.

Dashboard #

Select conversion #

In the transition graph, you can switch to three indicators: number of CVs, CV rate, and CV results.

Conversion report #

You can see up to 6 reports in the CV dropdown. All results can be segmented with one click, simply click the filter icon that appears by moving the mouse over the the filter you'd like to apply.

Conversions & conversion rate

The number of conversions is the result of visits that reached the goal you have set in the conversion settings.
The conversion ratio is a calculation of the amount of visits divided by the amount of conversions.

CV traffic by source and organic search

In the source section, you can find the results of conversions per source. The source will be displayed as total number of conversions.
In the keywords section, visits from search engines are displayed in the form of a "tag cloud." The larger the keyword, the higher the search volume. However, because of some changes Google made, it is difficult to acquire all keywords and showcase them.

CV campaign name and campaign traffic

CV campaign name and campaign traffic are based on UTM parameters.
In the overview you can see the campaign name and traffic source that contributed to every conversion.

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