Chrome extension – Ptengine Assistant

What is Ptengine Assistant #

Ptengine Assistant is an Chrome extension developed by Ptmind and is recommended for use when checking Ptengine overlay heatmaps. The following is a detailed explanation of when and how Ptengine Assistant is recommended to be used.

When should I use the Ptengine Assistant #

Ptengine Assistant will be helpful in the following two situations:

  • 1View heatmap of smartphones or tablets
    When you view heatmap of smartphones or tables, if the page is non-reponsive and the layout is made based on the device, simply switching device dropdown will not display the correct page layout that actually shows in a smartphone or tablet.
    Ptengine Assistant has already taken measures to address this situation, allowing you to control UA information. After installing the extension, your page will displayed correctly with selected device.
  • 2For sites that do not allow Iframe embedding
    Ptengine heatmap is achieved by embedding your site as iframe. If your site is configured to reject iframe embedding from other sites, the your page will not shown as the image shown below.

    Ptengine Assistant can solve the problem. after installing the extension, your page will be loaded correctly.

How to install Ptengine Assistant #

For now, you can install the extension manually, please follow the instruction to install. Once we add it to the Chrome Web Store, you will be able to install it with one single click. Please contact us for more information.

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