Overview #

By setting up the flow leading to a conversion, you can visualize the section of high abandonment.

For example, the flow of online shopping is as follows

  • 1List of products
  • 2Review product information
  • 3Cart screen
  • 4Enter customer information and select shipping details
  • 5Final confirmation of the order
  • 6Complete your order

By setting up the above flow as a funnel, you can analyse the abandonment at each step. You will be able to see exactly which steps are causing the most loss and improve your conversions.
For more information on how to set up a funnel, please refer to「Setting up a funnel」

Description of the screen #

① is the funnel list, which allows you to switch between the funnels which have been set up.
② is the entrance and exit. As you can see in the diagram below, the #completions reached is 40 and the exit number is 35. If you click on the numbers, you can see the URLs involved.

③shows the name of the funnel and the number of visitors who went through the corresponding step. The bar chart below shows the number of visitors who left the funnel and the number of visitors who stayed. Green indicates the number of visitors who joined the funnel at this step, whereas red indicates the number of visitors who left the funnel at the end of this step.

④ (in the middle) is the number and ratio of the remaining visitors.
④ (top left) is the number of CVs and the CV rate of the entire funnel. The CV rate here is the number of people who entered the funnel / the number who reached the CV.

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