2021-04-13 New Campaign Reports & UA exclude feature have been implemented

Campaign reports #

In this release there are 3 new reporting options for your Ptengine Experience campaigns.

1. New design

Introducing a new UI for creating new campaigns, popups or other marketing messages.

2. Manage metrics

You can now easily change the metrics of your campaign overview by selecting the columns you'd like to see.

3. Campaign reports

We have added new reports to help you dive into your A/B-tests or marketing cmapaigns. To really find out how your visitors have been interacting or which campaigns are performing better.

Bots, crawlers and UA exclusion option #

The UA exclusion function always protects your account to block unwanted traffic that eats your Ptengines pageview limit.

If you don't know the keywords of most crawlers, don't worry we prepared an overview of UA exclusions. This CSV file contains over 100 crawlers by default, including the popular crawlers and GoogleBots.
Download the default exclusion CSV

Bug fixes related to page list analysis #

The issues using the page analysis feature in our heatmaps is now resolved. Using the analysis feature is now showing the correct number again.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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