Event setting

In the event setting, you can view, edit and delete the events you have set.

Note:Please note that it is not possible to edit the event name, element range and measurement range settings themselves. If you want to edit them, please create a new event with the same name.

There are two types of events displayed here: visual events and coding events. Among them, coding events are directly retrieved by javascript embedded in the page where the event is set, so you need to ask the site administrator to edit or delete them. Coding events are directly retrieved by javascript embedded in the event page. For visual events, you can edit and delete events according to the following.

  • 1You can delete the events here.
    Even if you delete the event, the acquired data will remain, so you can still check the past data from the administration screen.
  • 2In this section, you can check the detailed settings about the event. The following window will appear when you click on it.
  • 3Go to the Visual Event Settings screen.
  • 4You can search for events here.

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