How to delete my account

When you delete your account, all data and settings that Ptengine has aggregated over time will be deleted permanently.

Please note that you cannot delete an account that is on a paid plan. Please be sure to cancel (downgrade your account to the free version) before applying for deletion.

Note: How to cancel or downgrade your account to the free version.
For credit card payments.

1. Delete all the profiles created in the account before applying for deletion.
2. Complete the cancelation and within 3-5 working days we will make sure all your data and settings will be removed from our server.

## How to delete a profile

  • 1Click the settings icon in the top right corner and select: **Basic Settings**, Next to Profile name, click **Delete **.
  • 2Confirm with your password

    A small pop-up will show, fill out your password to confirm.
  • 3 Fill out the Delete my Ptengine account form and we will process your request within the next 3-5 working days.

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