Scroll Reach Rate

It shows the percentage of users who scrolled how far as they browse the site. It's not just about whether they visited the site or not.Which part did you see? You will be able to see the the formula:「visits to the relevant section」÷「Total number of visits」
In other words, this means that the percentage directly indicates whether the user has seen (viewed) the content. This data allows you to improve your pages more effectively.

You can check the scroll reach rate when using the click heatmap or attention heatmap.

Checkpoint #

・Did you miss a lot of users in the first place?

Tip:First view scroll retention rate (the second line following 100%) for reference:.
Search engine/listing/affiliate→80~90%, remarketing advertising→60~80%, category distribution advertising→30~50%, broad reach advertising→20~30%)

・ Make sure that important information is not located in areas with low scroll reach.

・ Where do you see a dramatic drop in scroll coverage? Is there any content nearby that would make visitors lose interest?

・ Are there differences in rolling reach rates when broken down by inflow source? From which sources do you get better data?

Others #

・You can toggle the display/non-display of the "Scrolling Reach" by clicking the "Show" icon of the heat map and the focus heat map.(①)
・②The scroll rate is shown as (②) is 25%, so if you have 100 visitors, it means that 25 of them reach there visually.

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