Campaign Report

The detailed campaign report page consists of three main parts: "Overview", "Report", and "Form Submission". Please note that "Form Submission" is only available when a form is used in the campaign, so if you do not have a form set up, you will not be able to check it.

By clicking on the name of the campaign you want to check in the campaign list, you can enter the detailed report page. From the top of the page, you can check the information and status of the campaign, and furthermore, you can have quick actions from action buttons.

Note: Pausing, running, editing, duplicating, deleting campaign are only available for admins, not for viewers.

Overview #

The Overview has three parts: "Campaign Setting Details", "Campaign Results" and "Results for multiple versions".

Campaign Setting Details

You will be able to quickly check the setting details without entering the campaign editor. It contains "Goal, Page Conditions, Target Users, Schedule and Visit Conditions.

Campaign Results

You can check the campaign results of "Viewed, Clicked, Form Submitted, Closed, Goal Reached, Avg. Visit Duration, Bounce Rate, Avg. Pages per Visit". You can also filter the result by clicking the date filter in the upper right corner.

Results for multiple versions (only for campaigns with multiple versions)

If you set multiple versions, you can check the data for each version and verify which version had the best effect. You can also use the buttons on the right to adjust the traffic weight for each version, and also view the heatmap, and check detailed report.

Report #

The report page has two parts: "Data Trends" and "Data by Categories".

Data Trends

You can view the trends of your campaign performance for each metrics like viewed users, clicked users or users who reached goal. If you have multiple versions, you can use the "By Version" button to view data for each version or the total campaign.
In addition, you can also check "Form Submissions" and "Form Submission Rate" in the case of form used, and Users who Reached Goal" and "Goal Completion Rate" in the case of goal set.

Data by Categories

You can segment and view campaign data by categories such as "The Page that the campaign shows, Device, Source, User Type, Location, User Properties".

Form Submission #

You can check the detailed form submissions and also download by the export button on the upper right.

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