Create a Popup or Sticky Bar

You can choose between a "pop-up" or a "Sticky bar". You can create your own content or use our existing templates to fit your needs. In order to make it easier for you to create quality designs, our templates offer a wide range of creative options to suit your specifications and industry, giving you plenty of inspiration and ideas. Our editor is also very easy to use, allowing you to drop and drag all elements into place.

Design edition #

There are five parts to the design editing screen: Save to My Designs, Popup style, setting, Add elements and trigger.

  • 1. Save to My Designs
    Save your creative to your "My Design" and easily use your own creative to other campaigns.
  • 2. Popup Style
    You can adjust the specifications of the background, image, opacity, rounded corners, shadow and close button.
  • 3. Setting
    You can adjust the placement (where it appears), size and overlay.
  • 4. Add elements
    You can add text, images, buttons, shapes and forms into Popup or Sticky bar. Please see the instructions below on how to set up each of these.

    1. Add Text
    You can delete, copy, layer, link (set transitions and actions) and edit text. You can also edit font size, line height, Alignment, italics, underline, strike through, highlight, ordered list and unordered lists.

    2. Add Images
    You can add images by uploading them from a local folder or from a URL. You can also adjust the position and size of the image by dragging it freely.

    You can delete, duplicate, layer, crop, set links and edit the image in detail. You can also edit the opacity, boarder, thickness, corner radius and shadows of the image.

    3. Adding buttons

    As same as text, buttons can be modified by deleting, copying, layering,linking (with the possibility of setting the destination and action) and detailed editing.

    Detailed edition: font (size, weight, color), line height, Alignment, italics, underline, strike through, highlight, ordered list and unordered lists.

    4. Add Elements
    You can add shapes and icons to decorate your pop-ups and sticky bars. Feel free to design your own pop-ups and sticky bars.

    5. Add Forms

    Drag and drop to change the position and content of your form. You can change the font, color, etc. of the fields and input boxes.
    You can also check the "Save as User property" in the Edit Item Details window to collect the actual form content as user property. Once collected, these can be viewed in user groups and used for personalisation purposes.

    Forms can be deleted, layered, linked (to a destination or completion message), styled and items can be added. For more information, please refer to the form functionality.

Trigger #

Once you have edited your popup, sticky bar or other creative, you can set the timing for it to appear or stop. You can choose from the following types of trigger conditions

Page Visit: The campaign will be displayed immediately or after X seconds of visiting the target page.
When visitor leave the browser: when the cursor is placed outside the page content (moving the cursor from the page content to the browser's bookmarks bar, tab bar, etc.); when you press the browser's back button or swipe, the campaign will be displayed. You must have stayed on the relevant page for at least 5 seconds.
When XX% of the page has been viewed: Determines whether the page should be displayed if the user scrolls to a different part of the page.
Activity stop: X seconds have passed since the activity (click, scroll) stopped
Specified Javascript:  display when specified Javascript is fired (you can specify which JS to display according to your needs)

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