Project setting

Set the project name and domain #

You can change the project name and domain in「Project」―「Settings」.

Enter the domain of the site you want to measure in the "Domain" field.
For example, if you enter the main domain "", you can also measure "" and " category /". Click the "+Add" button to add the domains you want to measure. Click "Save" when you are done. You can measure multiple domains in one profile. The maximum number of domains you can register depends on your plan.

Tip:Tip: When measuring multiple domains, create a page group for each domain to see the numbers for each domain.

There is a "Delete" button next to the profile name. Use it if you want to delete the profile. Clicking it and entering the password will delete all the data stored in the profile. It will also disable the analysis code that was on the page. If you create a new profile after that, you will have to install the analysis code again.

Tracking code #

After placing the analysis code on the page, the data will be displayed in Ptengine. Use "Copy" to paste the analysis code between the tags of the page you want to measure.

After that, refresh the page and check if the data is measured correctly in Ptengine's "Real Time".

It is recommended that you place the tracking script on all the pages included in the site.
You can also use a tag manager tool such as GTM. It is also possible to embed the script directly into the page, but this is not recommended as it requires more manpower to manage.

Note:If you have multiple tracking codes on the same page, you will not be able to get the values properly. Please make sure to use only one.

If the tracking code is placed correctly and there is access, you can see the visit information in real time. If it lags behind real time by about 30 minutes, the data will be reflected in other products.

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