Page group setting

If you want to manage pages of the same category or format in one place, please use page groups.
To create a page group, go to "Settings" >> "Page Group Settings".

Click on "Add" first, and a pop-up will appear. .

And determine the name and URL rules for the page group.

  • 1 Please enter a name.
  • 2 Select a matching rule.
    Simple match:If you set URLs, you can group them according to the conditions of URL rules. It is possible to specify the corresponding URLs all at once with a new line. There is a limit of 400 characters.

    Advanced:Multiple URL rules can be grouped together in a mixed way. You can choose a RegEx here.

  • 3URL rules can be changed. For example, include, forward match, backward match, and exact match. For compound rules, regular expressions can be used.
  • 4 Enter a string for the URL.

Please allow approximately 30 minutes for the report to reflect after the configuration is complete. The data will be displayed in Insights -> Content -> Page Groups. You can also see the data in the heatmap of the page group.

Note:It is not possible to retroactively add up data from before installation.

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