1、How long can I view the data? What is the time range?

The data can be viewed within the preservation period, which is related to your business package.

2、How to calculate the data in Ptengine? Real-time statistics?

If you have added the tracking code into pages, the users’ access behavior data can be calculated.When the user enters the site, it will trigger the corresponding tracking

code, and the user’s information and access behavior will be the form of packets and  sent to the server backstage, the backstage will calculate the user’s data.

Ptengine’s data is real-time statistics, you can also view the current user access in the real-time module, including source, entry page, location, device information.

3、How to view a specific page’s data?

In the top navigation bar use the search box to enter the URL of this page, you can also switch to the page group to view the performance of a certain structure of pages, such as e-commerce site, product details pages’ total access data.

4、How to exclude a specific page and don’t view its data? Or only view a few URL’s data?

Use page group. Page group is a collection of pages which has a common feature in content or structure, and you can analyze the page group’s access data. For example, the e-commerce website builds a page group based on the product category to analyze whether the user has access to valid information in the product detail page and whether the purchase button and  shopping cart buttion are attract enough to users. In addition to viewing some access data, you can also use the heatmap to see intuitively what users are concerned about on the product details page. Comparison heatmap can also insight into specific user groups’ specific action in the product details page, such as to explore the action differences between the purchase user and the user does not purchase.Thus positioning the point of value growth. About how to set the page group, you can click here


5、Why do each site analysis tool monitor the data size differently?

Most web analytics tools have their own set of metrics calculations, such as different methods to determine the end of the session and different methods to exclude duplicate visitor, The purpose is to make the data statistics closer to the user’s actual operational behavior. In addition, there are custom metrics in some web analytics tools, These metrics are also designed to meet customer diversity analysis needs.

6、Can I exclude employee visits? exclude some IP?

Yes, you can use the “IP exclusion” feature to exclude all IP addresses you do not want to track, just add the IP you do not want to track in Settings -> Profile -> IP exclusion.

7、What is the difference between search terms and keywords?

Search terms are what users search in order to enter your site.Keywords are usually purchased by bidding, and is usually put to the match search term.In Ptengine, he font size of the search term is related to the total number of visits, PV, transformation, etc. which contributed by the search term. You can optimize the use of search words by analyzing the data of search words, thus improving the conversion rate and profit rate of the website.

8、What is the difference between the combined page and the original page?

The original page is a page that does not remove the end parameter and retains the original URL.

The combined page is a page that the end parameter of the original page is removed, then combine the data with the same partial URL.

The combined page can help you learn about the a page’s user access statistics ,if there are multiple tail parameters in URL,but all URLs represent only a same page.

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