Heatmap Segment

Segmenting heatmap data gets you various ways to deeply learn visitor behaviors from different segments. Ptegnine heatmap segment feature provides six major types of segments.

1. Visit feature: Visit type where you can segment by new or returning visits; entry page allows you to segment from pages where visitors landed.

2. Sources: Segment data by different traffic sources. Ptengine provides 9 sources pictured below.

3. Conversion: Segmenting data by conversions you have set up allows you to understand converted visitor behaviors.

4. Campaigns: Segmenting data by campaigns you have set up helps you understand why visitors dropped off, and get ideas on how to improve the page to lift conversions.

5. Technology: Provides six dimensions for segmenting data pictured below.

6. Location: Segmenting locations by country and states allows you to dig deeper on visitor behaviors from territories.

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