【Optimizely X】 usage guidelines

We are integrating the experimental functions of Optimizely X to Ptengine.

Once you have completed the following settings, you can check the heat map of the AB test experiment page through Ptengine.

※ This function is limited to paid subscriptions only.

1. Points to keep in mind when using both Ptengine and Optimizely X
When installing the tracking code, please be sure to install the Optmizely X code at the top of Ptengine’s code.

2. Optimizely X side setting
a) Login to Optimizely X Please go to Settings >> Implementation. Please uncheck “Mask descriptive names in project code and third-party integrations” as shown below.

b) Also, please check “Allow anyone to view draft or paused experiments by appending the query parameter optimizely_token = PUBLIC (Optimizely X only)” as shown below.

c) URL Target Setting

Overview >> Experiment, display [Experiment Details] (1) on the right side and click [Edit] on URL Target Setting. In the URL target window, select “A set of URLs” for “page type”. Also, please add “domain string matching” to the domain of “ptengine.com” with “URL Pattern” of “Validation” and Save.

3. Setting in Ptengine

Please change the switch of Optimizely X to ON with Left Side New Heat Map >> Experiment of Profile setting screen.

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