Ptengine’s matching rules for URL setting

Matching rules

Ptengine provides the following four matching rules when setting up information such as pages, page groups, and conversions. The five options are “Include,” “Exact match,” “Head match,” “End match” and “Regex (regular expression).”

  • Exact match

Exact match means that all characters in the URL are entirely matched from the beginning to the end with no exception. When using this rule, the set URL must match the URL that appears in the report data.  URL query parameter cannot contain the dynamic setting.


  • Head match

Head match is a rule that matches from the first character of the string to the last character specified.

This matching rule is suitable for the URL that contains additional parameters at the end, and you want to exclude them.


For example, if the site visited by a particular visitor is http://www.example.com/checkout.cgi?page=1&id=9982251615, and all other user’s registration number is different. In this case, you can set Head match as the matching rule and  “http://www.example.com/checkout.cgi?page=1” as the target URL.

  • End match

End match can match from the last character of the character string to the first character you specify.


For example, your goal site is http://www.example.com/s/test/index.html; then you set the URL “/test/index.html” with End match rule. In this case, you can track the URL like “http://www.123.com/s/test/index.html”.


  • Regular Expression

Please refer here for Regular Expressions.

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