Page Selection Screen

If you click on the heatmap in the menu, you will enter a screen like the one below.

  • 1Select the reference period for the data.※For the heatmap, you can choose up to 31 days. Time of going back depends on your schedule.
  • 2After removing the parameters, the original page,Page group can be selected. Initially, the list is displayed in the state after the removal of parameters.
  • 3You can search for pages by title or URL.
  • 4Each number can be sorted in ascending or descending order.
  • 5Click to go to the heatmap screen.
  • 6The relevant page will be displayed in a new tab.
  • 7The icon is displayed only after parameter removal. Click on it to see the list of URLs before parameter removal for the relevant URL.
  • 8The segment function is available.

Note:If the page you want to see requires you to be logged in, you will not be able to directly see the heatmap for that page. In that case this way for more information.

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