Note:If you want to check the web views of your smartphone site, please refer to this article

Useage #

Overlay is a feature that allows you to view heatmaps in the same way you view websites.
You can also share URLs with the web view. Opening the web view URL, especially on smartphones, allows you to see how users interact with your content.

Overlay has another important use: you can use WebView when you don't see heatmaps in the Ptengine admin panel. Examples include pages that involve user interaction, such as the post-login page of a page that requires a login, or the page in the middle of a form step.

Basic Actions #

When you click on the "Overlay" button in the Heatmap toolbar, the page will open in a new tab in your browser. The URL will be followed by a Ptengine parameter. If the measurement code has been successfully installed on the page, you can see the overlay. Overlay can also be used for click heatmaps, attention heatmaps and page analysis.

Screen Description #

The heatmap toolbar of the Overlay is displayed at the top of that figure. Some functions are the same as the toolbar of the Ptengine Insight administration interface, so we present here the display that appears only in the Web view.

  • 1is the basic information. It contains the number of clicks, duration, device type and URL rule for the relevant web view heatmap. Please refer to the following:
  • 2is the button to toggle the mapping on and off. If you turn it off, the heatmap will disappear.
  • 3is a button that hides the toolbar. Use this button when the toolbar is overlaid with the page element you want to check. To show the toolbar again, click the icon in the red box in the image below.

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