Campaign List

Once you have collected the data from your personalized campaigns, you can view the results in the campaign reports to verify performance and gain insights for further action.
In this article, I would like to introduce the Campaign List where you can manage your campaigns and view the results.

Get into Campaign List #

You can enter the campaign list from the "Personalization" section of the Ptengine Experience.

Campaign List Instruction #

The campaign list screen consists of three main parts: the top bar, the title bar, and the detailed campaign list.


The top bar contains features such as "Search", "Campaign Status Filter", "Campaign Results Export" and "List Column Selection".

  • 1Search
    The search field allows you to quickly search for the campaign you want to check from the list by campaign name.
  • 2Campaign Status Filter
    You can filter campaigns by status, which contains "Running", "Scheduled", "Paused", "Draft" or "All".

    Running: All your currently running campaigns will be in the Running status. After completing the campaign creation, click the "Set it Live" button to run the campaign.
    Scheduled: The campaigns that you have scheduled to publish is now in the Scheduled state. If you reserve a time in the schedule settings when you create a campaign, the "Set it Live" button will change to "Schedule to Set Live", click to schedule your campaign.
    Paused: If a campaign has paused from running, the campaign will be in Paused state.
    Draft: Campaigns that have never ran will be in Draft status. After creating a campaign, click "Save Draft" button to save it.

  • 3Campaign Results Export
    Not only can you check the campaign results within Ptengine Experience, you can also export the results and check it offline.
  • 4List Column Selection
    In addition, you can customize the list columns according to your needs. We support following columns: "Name, Viewed, Clicked, Form Submitted, Closed, Goal Reached, Avg. Visit Duration, Bounce Rate, Avg. Pages per Visit, TIme Created, Create By, Last Updated, Updated by, Running Period". The detailed definition of each item is introduced in the next part.

    Note: Please note that the campaign name is selected by default and cannot be hidden.

Title Bar

Customized columns are displayed in the title bar. The campaign name is fixed, and you can scroll to the left or right to see all the detailed data or information. Hover over the question mark to the right of each column title to see the definition. You can also sort your campaigns by the triangle symbol.

Detailed Campaign List

In the detailed campaign list, there are campaign status (including creative type, active deivces), action button, and detailed data and information of each campaign.

  • 1Multiple versions and preview
    If you have multiple versions, you can use "Expand" and "Collapse" to see the detailed data for each version, and you can easily see the creative of each version from the preview feature.
  • 2Campaign Settings Details
    First of all, the Information icon next to the campaign name shows the campaign's settings such as "Goal, Target Users (user group and visit conditions), Page Conditions and Schedule".
    It also shows the status of the campaign, whether it is being running, paused or drafted, and the creative type of the campaign, whether it is a popup, sticky bar or inline editing. It also shows which device the campaign is active for, so you can see it at a glance without having to go into the campaign editor.

    Information Icon:
    OtherCamapign Information

    Note: If you have multiple versions, you can also click the "Expand" button to see the images for each version, and "Collapse" to collapse them all.

  • 3Detailed Data
    After confirming the status of the campaign, scroll to the side to check the result data for the campaign. If your campaign contains multiple versions, you will be able to see the data for each version, so you can verify the performance.
  • 4Action Button
    From the Action Button, you can pause, run, edit, duplicate, delete, and view heatmap of this campaign. The heatmap feature allows you to quickly integrate with Insight to view heatmaps (Learn more).

    Note: Pausing, running, editing, duplicating, deleting campaign are only available for admins, not for viewers.

    Also, if you want to see more detailed data of a specific campaign in the campaign list, you can click on the specific campaign to enter the detailed report page.

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