Heatmap Toolbar

Once you enter the heatmap detail screen, you will see the heatmap toolbar.

  • 1allows you to see a record of recently viewed heatmaps and go directly back to the previously viewed page.
  • 2You can use Segmentation from here.

Functions available in the toolbar #

  • 1You can go back to the heatmap report by clicking the "Back" button in the From the period setting, you can decide the period of time for the values to be checked.
  • 2You can set the search range as Pages or Page Groups. If you select a page, you can search for the URL or page title in the search field. If you select a page group, the search field will search for the name of the page group.
  • 3From the search field, you can choose to search by URL or title. Clicking the "x" on the right side of the search field will close the heatmap detail page and return you to the heatmap report screen. In other words, it has the same function as the "Back" button in ①.
  • 4Now, switch the parameter merger mode on/off button. Clicking on the button will open the parameter merger command as shown below. Here you can turn the merge mode on and off. You can also select parameters that will not be merged. For example, if you want to see only heatmaps that contain the parameter "utm_campaign=pte_link" on this URL, click on this parameter to turn it green, and then click "Turn ON" at the bottom right.
  • 5is the heatmap share button. Clicking this button will generate a heatmap for sharing.
  • 6You can choose between click heatmapattention heatmappage analysis and comparison heatmap.
  • 7In the previous section, you can call up a saved version of the heat map. The camera icon on the right is a button to save the current version. You can use this button to save the heatmap of the current page.
  • 8allows you to select the display device as shown below.

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